What Our Clients are Saying
The Joel Cohen Group, LLC.

That was my first midget race, back in 2010. Didn't even own a drivers suit, had to borrow dads. I will never forget that you helped me get a ride for my first ever National Midget race - Jarett A.

Joel is the World's Greatest Promoter - Raymond J.

Joel is someone that remembers everything about a racer's family and cares about the fans & drivers while still running the business of racing - Steve F.

I hope you will enjoy your new venture and we will always have the good memories of your days at the Speedrome. That track and the times I was there will always be special to me. I do appreciate your friendship. As you say Joel " Friends don’t keep score" and I agree 100% - Ken R.

Joel is a smart guy and he empowers people. A true visionary. - Mike W.

Joel you're a genius at your work but your real equity is your family. You are truly blessed. - David M.

Joel, I just read your bio and take pride in knowing you and your wonderful family. To think that we both started out as figure 8 racers and have accomplished so much. The time you made me the Grand Marshal at the Speedrome was very special to me and to watch you bust your butt running the race was very amazing to me. You will be missed at the track and I know personally how you feel in your heart, because I walked away from a great track too. Keep up the good work my friend and move forward. - Andy V.

Awesome website; a great, energetic and refreshing look; but you always did things first class and are able to attract the best of the best into motorsports. Great to see you and Laura working together. You and your family get "it". I am proud to call you my friend - Al S.

Proud to call you my friend and you inspire me to continue to spread the word of Motorsports. Friends for Life - Dick J.

He turned a Bag Phone into a public company, smart guy. Assembled a smart team. Great listener - Alex P.

Smart move, adding Andy Vertrees to The Joel Cohen Group, LLC" You have a combined 94 years of Motorsports Experience & Expertise - Jordan C.

If you want to talk with someone who has experience from top to bottom in motorsports, Joel is it. Whatever your challenge is, he's got it covered. Give him a call, you won't be sorry! - Corrine E.

In my 25 years of working with promoters, I have always been impressed with how multi-faceted Joel Cohen is. After producing a third event with him and his associates, I looked at my VP and stated, "this Joel Cohen guy really perplexes me." My VP stated, "me too!" What was so perplexing were the layers of professionalism Joel exhibited. When it came down to it, me and the VP of WSL, INC. were more envious than anything. I've been wanting to hire Joel for many years. If you get the chance to have Joel consult you, take it and take it right now! With Joel, you'll see success tomorrow. - Jorge M.

It is a real pleasure to know Joel. His knowledge of so many things in the business world is beyond others. He knows what needs to be done and gets it done in a timely manner, with the best results. I urge people who have the opportunity to work with Joel and The Joel Cohen Group to grab that opportunity. - Jonathan R.

Joel has a tremendous knowledge of sports, staffing and business. He knows not only what needs to be done, but how to get it done, and the results that will follow. When I first started my company I had a hard time getting the right people to talk to me. Nobody seemed to understand that the company was new. Everyone wanted this and that just in order to open communications.

Joel came on and very quickly analyzed what we had, where we wanted to go and the people I had to get us there. He gave the guidance needed to get things pointed in the right direction and to this point he has not been wrong. Every result that he predicted would happen by making certain decisions, indeed did happen. He is right on, knows whats going on, whats going to happen, and how it will affect your business. If you have a business that is new, or might be heading down the wrong path, this is the only person you should spend your time with. If Joel can't get it done, it simply can't be done. ACTION BREEDS ACTION! - Ray B.

Joel is an out of the box thinker. He has always strived for excellence in all of his business ventures. He is a great negotiator and works hard for win/win solutions. I consider Joel a highly intelligent businessman with a very strong work ethic and winning attitude. - Duane L.