Management Operations (Bios)
The Joel Cohen Group, LLC.
Joel Cohen
Chairman, President & CEO

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Joel Cohen
Andy Vertrees
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
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Andy Vertrees
Todd Melfi
Vice President of Sales
Todd Melfi
Andrew Gerdom
Director of Motorsports & Track Design
Andrew Gerdom
Tim Duncan
Senior Technology Director
Tim Duncan
Jordan Cohen
Vice President of Business Development
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Jordan Cohen
Kevin O’Neal
Social Media Director & Broadcasting Executive Producer
Kevin O’Neal
Paul Szmal
Consultant, Motorsports & Broadcast Media
Paul Szmal
Dillon Cohen
Director of Sales & Marketing
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Dillon Cohen
Caroline Cohen
Communications Manager
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Caroline Cohen
Betty Cohen
Honorary Chairwoman

Jack Cohen
Chairman of the Board Emeritus
Betty & Jack Cohen

The business operations department is directed by Andy Vertrees, Chief Operating Officer. Andy's team of multi-talented individuals gives The Joel Cohen Group flexibility to execute the Master Plan for sustainable success.

The operating team provides the following creative and management services:

  • Event Program Consulting
  • Special Event Production
  • Creative & Production Services
  • On-Site Meeting and Show Coordinator


Production Coordination and Execution

  • Meeting & Event Planning, Project Coordinator
  • Coordination and Production of Events for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Strategic Corporate Planning & Execution of events
  • Coordination International Product Launches
  • Production Manager of National Award Ceremonies
  • Professional Ability to Source, Select, Negotiate and Supervise National Events

Event Operations & Management

  • Design, plan, manage and execute upscale events
  • Creativity and design skill with the ability to think outside the box
  • Ability to manage Client proposal development and product boards
  • Create and maintain event timelines and schedules
  • Ability to source, select, negotiate and supervise venues
  • Source, select, negotiate, and supervise vendors
  • Recruit and manage contract and freelance staff
  • Ability to create, manage and reconcile budgets adhering to client requirements
  • Operate in an efficient, timely and punctual manner
  • Disciplined organizational strengths with ability to multi-task with a high level of initiative and productivity
  • Ability to work in a creative and energetic team as a leader
  • Strong attention to detail, and manage deadlines
  • A 'self-starter' with the ability to work without constant direction

Sports and Entertainment Development

  • Driver Development
  • Race Team Development
  • Sponsor Acquisition
  • Sponsor Activation
  • Professional Resume Services
  • Professional Representation

Sports Marketing and Entertainment

  • Professional Social Media Management
  • Website Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Special Event Coordination
  • Personalized Graphic Design

Media Relations

  • Press Releases Distribution
  • Media Management
  • Social & Digital Media Management
  • Community Relationship Management
  • National Tour Promotional Management